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Two New Books

I have recently added two new books for my readers just in time for Christmas and summer reading Echoes From The Heart Is now  available for pre-order on Amazon  My wife Sophia, did not give birth to you … Anna Belmonte’s life and identity are ripped from her by a posthumous letter from her father. […]

Life Changes

This past year has been really busy In December 2015 we sold our old home with its big garden and have built ourselves a new home with a pocket handkerchief garden. We moved in December 2016.   My writing room has a wonderful outlet looking up to the hills … something that pleases me as we’ve […]

The Farmer Takes A Wife…. an excerpt

Coming Soon The Farmer Takes A Wife : Book Three in The Mulleins of Katherine Bay   Excerpt  Heath Mullein swore as ice hit bare skin. Hail clumped and tipped off the brim of his sou’wester and slid down his neck. A fitting end to a rotten day. This morning he’d found the stud Angus […]

Another Year

Something about beginning a new year makes one re-assess one’s goals. I’ve never been one for making New Year’s Resolutions. Life is far too short to waste on meaningless rituals and for many folk this is exactly what NYR are. I prefer to quietly set myself a goal, and this is the important part, an acheivable goal, and work […]

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