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Getting Inside a Writer’s Head…

  Hello Everyone Firstly thanks to Jane Beckenham for asking me to join this blog hop ….  Getting inside a writer’s head … what a scary thought … are you really game to take that risk? I remember vividly going to a luncheon where the guest speaker was Diana Gabaldon, author of the The Outlander  […]

Winter — a time for fires, writing and a Christmas Story.

Winter is tough for our little feathered friends so we always try to help them survive the cold. Last night Jack Frost paid a visit and this morning the birds were flocking to the feeding station. Our Carter’s navel Orange has a huge crop this year and the frost always makes a percentage of the crop fall before they are […]

The Year in Review

Looking Back It is at this time of the year that we as humans, tend to look back at the past year and assess the highs and lows. This is especially so for me as I celebrate yet another birthday on Boxing Day (26th) December. A few days before last Christmas I received a rejection letter from a […]

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