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Pitfalls and Predators

  Every industry has a downside …  Indie Publishing is no exception. With the huge inroads Independent Publishing has made in publishing industry has come the arrival of predators to feed on the naïve and the gullible…. I well remember my old dad telling me that ‘A fool and their money are easily parted.’ Unfortunately today […]

Indie Publishing – The Way Authors are Trending

Back in the day Indie (Self) Publishing was considered the realm of the desperate …the final act of a drowning writer…. on rare occasions… like akin to the chance of a meteor dropping through the roof of your house… a self published book would catch fire and a traditional publisher would swoop, buy up the rights, give the […]

Kirsten Lamb Sparks a Controversy—should authors review other author’s books

This debate is raging on Kirsten Lamb’s blog First Kirsten asked the question: Should authors write bad reviews? This created a huge debate with many authors of the opinion that leaving poor reviews would return to bite them and damage their own author’s brand. But even worse than this, leaving a bad review as in 1 […]

The Way Forward

This weekend  I attended a seminar on Marketing and Promotion for Indie Publishers. As a part of New Zealand Bookweek the Tauranga Writers in association with Ocean Books  hosted this seminar with guest speakers New Zealand author James George and his Storybridge partner Jocelyn Watkin… I came away from this seminar greatly inspired with my belief in […]

Jane Beckenham and Indie Publishing

Jane Beckenham has invited me onto her blog to talk about Indie Publishing the ups and downs. You can read the interview on her blog   Jane is a fellow member of RWNZ and is a multi-published author of contemporary and historical Romance and is currently has a novel contracted to Entangled’s Indulgence line. […]

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