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The fourth book in The Katherine Bay Series   Caught By Her Spell

is now available for pre-order on all e-sales platforms available September 30th 2017

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Cassie Piper is a loner, born with the gift of “sight”, she deliberately avoids anyone seeking her help. When high-powered attorney, Grayson Pritchard, erupts into her life demanding that she help him find his missing sister, the sparks surely begin to fly … Despite her adamant refusal, Grayson leaves her photos and, against her will, she’s inexorably drawn into his search. With photos will come the visions, whether she wants them or not. 
Katherine Bay is a small, conservative town and most of its residents regard Cassie as a witch, a label that’s brought her much grief and unhappiness. 
Grayson, a high-powered city attorney and tireless child advocate, is the quintessential sceptic—anything he can’t see or touch doesn’t exist—but to find his missing sister he will even stoop to seeking the help of a “so-called” psychic.

As, so often has happened in the past, Cassie never “see”anything that works to her advantage. 
And she certainly didn’t “see” the primal sexual attraction that quickly flares between herself and Grayson … nor does she “see” that through her frightening visions, she and Grayson will forge an unexpected connection … 
But Cassie is a woman hiding secrets, big secrets that have the power to destroy their fragile relationship before it even starts … Can either of them live with the consequences of these secrets when they unexpectedly begin to unravel …

This fast paced, small town romance is filled with mystery and intrigue. It is set in New Zealand, in the fabulous Coromandel region famous for it’s beaches and unrivalled lifestyle.

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The fourth book in the Secrets and Lies series has been accepted for publication by Escape Publishing …

Title and Publication dates not yet decided. 


Give Me Some Answers … 

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The final book in the stunning Darkhaven trilogy about secrets, lies, and love conquering all.

When his father’s gambling debts forced the sale of Whitby Downs station, Matt Daintry vowed he would do whatever it took to reclaim his family’s heritage. But his heart and his head were at war when he met, seduced, and eloped with Charlotte Buchanan, the beautiful daughter of the new owner.

The last person Charlotte Buchanan expected to turn up for the reading of her father’s will was Matt Daintry, her estranged husband and father of her four-year-old son, Noah. Even more unexpected, is the shock discovery that Lachlan Buchanan has bequeathed the once prosperous station of Whitby Downs in trust to Noah and appointed Matt as the child’s sole trustee, thwarting Matt’s stated ambition of regaining ownership of Whitby Downs and throwing Charlotte back in the path of the one man who can steal her equilibrium.

Very soon, Charlotte and Matt find themselves locked in a battle of wills over the land each rightfully regards as their own. Forced to work together for the benefit of their son, they need to confront the issues of their past to have any chance at a new future.


Ask Me No Questions 

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Shirley Wine takes us back to Darkhaven, where secrets and scandals can’t stay hidden for long…

Ten years ago Logan Sinclair vanished, abandoning his home, his family and the prosperous racing stud of Darkhaven — and Piper Daintry, whose love he once shared.

Now that he’s returned, Logan is greeted with suspicion and distrust — the good people of Cambridge have long memories and he quickly discovers he can’t escape the ghosts of his past, the woman he left behind, or the grief that threatens to bring him to his knees…

He’s heard it said often enough that you can never return home…and Logan quickly comes to realise that he may have compounded his mistakes by doing exactly that. Will learning his secrets push Piper further away, or will he get a second chance at love?

Tell Me No Lies   

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For single mum, Victoria Scanlan, a visit to the luxurious country house of Darkhaven, is a rare chance to combine work with pleasure. Securing the commission for The Wedding Of The Year will guarantee the ongoing success of her floral boutique and secure her the stability she needs for both herself and her son.

But Darkhaven comes with a shocking guest – the groom is Seth Donahue. Her young son’s father. The man who has no idea he has a child. The man she can’t forget.

After a lifetime of betrayal by every woman in his life, Keir Donovan has settled on a calm future with the glamorous heiress Davina Strathmore. She is everything Keir needs in a life partner: confident, poised, elegant, attractive, and aware that this marriage isn’t about love. But when Victoria walks back in his life, his future suddenly doesn’t seem quite so well-defined.

Keir’s passion for Victoria still burns as strongly as ever, but it’s clear she’s keeping secrets: and after a lifetime of deception, Keir has no tolerance for lies.


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Now that publishers are no longer the arbitrary gatekeepers of what readers may read there is a wealth of wonderful stories available for readers that would once never seen the light of day …

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