Echoes From The Heart 

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My wife Sophia, did not give birth to you …

Anna Belmonte’s life and identity are ripped from her by a posthumous letter from her father. In the search for answers and the woman who gave birth to her, Anna travels to Katherine Bay.

Slade Haultain, her birth mother’s stepson, offers to help Anna connect with the mother she never knew. An instant attraction flares between Anna and Slade and develops into a promising relationship, in spite of Slade owing he will never be enslaved by love.

Anna’s meeting with her birth mother goes terribly wrong and threatens to tear the Haultain family apart.

Is Anna’s and Slade’s love strong enough to overcome this hurdle – or are family ties destined to tear them apart?

A story of one woman’s quest to find her roots … heartwrenching and emotional.


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