A Perfect Lie    

A Katherine Bay Romance


Risk his mission or save an innocent woman’s life?  In a split second Jace Mullein makes a choice that will change his life forever…    

To save Ashlyn from falling into the clutches of a vicious international criminal who takes no prisoners Jace is forced to return to the home he left behind and face his bad-boy past, and the family he betrayed.  

Frightened for her life, Ashlyn has no choice other than to trust Jace to keep her safe. And quickly,  she learns to love and trust him … then in one horrifying moment she uncovers the brutal truth about his past and his interaction with her family and she’s forced to question everything.  

Does Jace love her or is he using her to seek redress past injustice and grievances …

Jace Mullein grew up hard and he grew up mean…. and left Katherine Bay with a chip on his shoulder…



What readers say:

Tense and tight, with twists and turns a-plenty and some fairly snarky family on Ashlyn’s side. I’m sure you’ll love to hate a couple of these secondary characters! There is action and danger and sexual tension as Ashlyn tries to work out if Jace is truly her protector, or using her to gain revenge. He is a strongly self contained man but oh, how I wanted to ride behind him on that motor bike for the adrenaline rush of a hot man on a big machine! You’ll definitely want him on your side … Susan Rees
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