All The World’s A Page

I am featured today on Author, Susanne  Bellamy’s Blog. Link :  Promotion is one area that self-published authors have to learn to negotiate. And promotion is more than blanket coverage of all your Facebook Groups or blanket emailing of spam messages. Effective promotion is all about forming relationships with readers, telling them about yourself, your writing processes…all […]

Valentine’s Day

What is the best way to say… I love you.  Valentine’s Day can put a lot of pressure on couples.  Is there a perfect way to say those three simple words that mean so much.  Is the generic “I love you” along with a bunch of flowers enough?  Or should lovers prepare a deep meaningful speech before a big kiss? […]

A Title is a Title is a Title

Finding just the right title… Next to the right cover, finding just the right title for a book is the hardest thing an author had to do. Ideally you want a title that will first spark a reader’s interest to pick up a book and yet you don’t want it to mislead. There is nothing worse than picking […]

Working With An Editor

I’m currently working with an editor on my latest book Sarah’s Baby  the third book in the series The Mulleins of Katherine Bay through the 10Day Bookclub.   This is proving to not only a very interesting exercise but the source of invaluable advice. Valuable because the editor is reading the book Cold Turkey. She’s nowhere […]

Reviews, accolades and brickbats

I have tried to steer clear of the  controversy over reviews on Amazon. Reviews, good and bad, are a fact of life for a writer and it is inevitable that a book that resonates and draws praise from one reader will draw criticism and contempt from another. And this has proved to  be the case with my latest book, […]

Free On Amazon Today

Free Today… One Hour To Midnight.  Ten years ago Veronica Langdon thought relinquishing her infant son was the toughest choice she would ever have to make… turns out she was wrong. Jordan is dying and to save his life she has to re-visit her painful past, the child she gave away…. and the man she’s […]

The Farmer Takes A Wife…. an excerpt

Coming Soon The Farmer Takes A Wife : Book Three in The Mulleins of Katherine Bay   Excerpt  Heath Mullein swore as ice hit bare skin. Hail clumped and tipped off the brim of his sou’wester and slid down his neck. A fitting end to a rotten day. This morning he’d found the stud Angus […]

Another Year

Something about beginning a new year makes one re-assess one’s goals. I’ve never been one for making New Year’s Resolutions. Life is far too short to waste on meaningless rituals and for many folk this is exactly what NYR are. I prefer to quietly set myself a goal, and this is the important part, an acheivable goal, and work […]

Win A Kindle Fire

I’m delighted to join with other independantly published authors and The Kindle Book Reviews In The Kindle Holiday Giveaway for the chance to win a Kindle Fire loaded with books or one of 2 Amazon $100 gift cards. Go to link below to register for your chance to join the fun. Register and like authors facebooks […]

The Year in Review

Looking Back It is at this time of the year that we as humans, tend to look back at the past year and assess the highs and lows. This is especially so for me as I celebrate yet another birthday on Boxing Day (26th) December. A few days before last Christmas I received a rejection letter from a […]

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