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The second book in the trilogy I’ve sold to Escape Publishing is now available on all sales platforms from June 15th … Amazon  iBooks  Escape Publishing   Kobo Shirley Wine takes us back to Darkhaven, where secrets and scandals can’t stay hidden for long… Ten years ago Logan Sinclair vanished, abandoning his home, his family […]

Latest News

Writing is coming along slowly, but I guess this is what happens when life intervenes. We are currently homeless, well not exactly homeless like living on the streets and sleeping under a bridge, but living with my sister until our new house is built … that is happening far slower than writing an entire book. Not living […]

Latest Book now available for pre-order

Tell Me No Lies A brand new rural romance trilogy from a brand new voice: Shirley Wine introduces you to the secrets and scandals of Darkhaven For single mum, Victoria Scanlan, a visit to the luxurious country house of Darkhaven, is a rare chance to combine work with pleasure. Securing the commission for The Wedding […]

Spring has sprung

Spring is finally making it’s presence felt in the Southern Hemisphere … as the song says it’s busting out all over. I have had a busy winter writing and I’m excited to announce the great news that I’ve sold two books in the series Prodigal Sons to Escape Publishing … with an option on the third […]

Australia Holiday

We are enjoying our first week in Australia and have had a few close encounters with the wild life. My niece has two snakes as pets. This big fellow, Joe, on the left is a Carpet python  and lifts his head up when she speaks to him.  This pretty one called Ruby is a Diamond Python called […]

Holiday Time

After a gruelling year …   DH and I are heading to Australia to have a month’s holiday and catch up with friends and family that we haven’t seen in a little while. It will be a great change to relax and recharge after what has been a gruelling year. We are hiring a campervan and […]

SONZA interviews Shirley Wine

Recently, I was interviewed by Sonza (Society of New Zealand Art) and some of the questions made me really think about my writing and the craft of writing.   Questions about how my rural background is woven into my stories and what do I think is unique about New Zealand literature to what NZ writers […]

Romance … The Most Maligned Genre in Ficton

Romance…the most maligned genre Why is romance, such a popular genre, still looked down upon by readers of almost every other genre? This is a question that has bugged me for a very long time.  It is okay  for men to read mysteries, thrillers, westerns and other popular fiction for entertainment … but let a woman pick […]

Free Read

  Free on all sales platforms   Shadow Dance Book one in the series The Mulleins of Katherine Bay “Promise me Jenna, promise you won’t sell him the land….”  As she tries to discover the truth behind her mother’s dying words … Jenna Mullein is thrown into desperate danger and quickly discovers there are far too many […]

Work in Progress

The new year is gathering momentum with two months of it already slipped past. It seems to me that as we get older the faster the days roll by. Do you remember when you were a child and the long agonising wait until Christmas or a special holiday…and it seemed like it would never arrive? Where did […]

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