SONZA interviews Shirley Wine

Recently, I was interviewed by Sonza (Society of New Zealand Art) and some of the questions made me really think about my writing and the craft of writing.   Questions about how my rural background is woven into my stories and what do I think is unique about New Zealand literature to what NZ writers […]

Romance … The Most Maligned Genre in Ficton

Romance…the most maligned genre Why is romance, such a popular genre, still looked down upon by readers of almost every other genre? This is a question that has bugged me for a very long time.  It is okay  for men to read mysteries, thrillers, westerns and other popular fiction for entertainment … but let a woman pick […]

Free Read

  Free on all sales platforms   Shadow Dance Book one in the series The Mulleins of Katherine Bay “Promise me Jenna, promise you won’t sell him the land….”  As she tries to discover the truth behind her mother’s dying words … Jenna Mullein is thrown into desperate danger and quickly discovers there are far too many […]

Work in Progress

The new year is gathering momentum with two months of it already slipped past. It seems to me that as we get older the faster the days roll by. Do you remember when you were a child and the long agonising wait until Christmas or a special holiday…and it seemed like it would never arrive? Where did […]

Life on the Home-front

All’s well that ends well … I’ve always had a great fondness for Shakespeare … he has so many quotable expressions that accurately sum up events and crisis that crop up in everyday life … Since my last post my husband has undergone open heart surgery and is now well on the road to recovery … […]

When Worlds Collide

Throw-away comments… I read a book several years ago titled When Worlds Collide … I’ve long since forgotten who wrote it or what it was about, but for some strange reason the title stuck with me. And that aptly describes recent events in my life. This has certainly been a memorable winter for all the […]

A Kiwi’s Sense of Place … and No 8 wire

In a recent blog my writing buddy, Serenity Woods mentioned Kiwi authors’ sense of place… Serenity wrote …When I first moved to New Zealand, the librarian at the school where I work told me that Kiwi authors have a very strong sense of place….New Zealanders have a strong sense of national identity, and this often […]

Promotion for the Indie Author

Book Promotion                                                                           As an indie author it’s up to me to promote my own books. This is the norm now as most traditional publishers expect their authors to promote books they accept for publication. So what are the options for Indie Authors? Social media… but too much and it’s a sure fire way to lose friends Newsletters … these can […]

The Return – Latest Release is #7 on iBookstore Contemporary Romance List

     My Latest Release …. The Return Book II – Prodigal Sons. When Logan Sinclair turned his back on his home, his family and the prosperous Racing Stud of Darkhaven and vanished… he also turned his back on Piper and her love … and his return after ten long years is greeted with suspicion and […]

Friends Working Together

  Seven New Zealand Indie Authors have banded together to produce this fabulous omnibus….Seven good novels for 99 cents… There is nothing so sweet, or so fraught as love the second time around … in this boxed set there are marriages that failed, chances not taken, friendships taken for granted and relationships forbidden…. Six of […]

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