A tangled Web

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Determined to prove herself As Katherine Bay’s newest GP, Zoe Callahan has little time for romance and, after being burned in a disastrous relationship, she’s sworn off men, something Ishmael Staples challenges at every turn.

He’s years older, and Zoe ignores the danger of this handsome as sin man.

Dismissing him as a layabout beach-bum was her first mistake, moving into the cottage next door, her second.
Living in such close proximity, there is no way they can avoid each other and when they join forces to protect an elderly patient, Zoe slowly succumbs to Ishmael’s charm. Beneath his devil-may-care attitude is a genuine and caring man, over-burdened by years of family responsibilities.

Ishmael considers himself too old, too used up to fall in love, especially with someone so full of youthful vigour as Zoe.

Can she change his mind before he turns his back and walks away from what she suspects is a love that only occurs once in a lifetime…


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