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Deep South Romance  

A Christmas Proposal

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Kayla Anders, betrayed, broke, and unemployed heads into the mountains to regroup after the acrimonious end to her engagement—and vows to never again become involved with any man carrying personal baggage … she is no one’s porter …

When her friend pulls out of the stay they planned to share, Kayla has to share the secluded lodge Skye High with the sexy Scotsman, a famous author, already staying there …

Jamie Barron, his reputation trashed, and badly burned in a bitter divorce—has personal baggage by the ton—he has sought solitude in the mountains, desperately needing to finish the book that is already past its deadline—

He has sworn off involvement with women and vows never again to get involved with any woman on the rebound from a failed relationship.

When his ex-wife lands on his doorstep seeking reconciliation, Jamie turns to Kayla for help to escape his ex’s schemes—and makes Kayla an offer she can’t refuse …

Too soon they are both fighting an attraction they can’t deny—yet neither of them wants or feel they are ready for …

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