Hello and welcome …

Pull up a seat, or as we say in New Zealand … take a pew … you could be here visiting for a while. The kettle’s on and there’s always a fresh coffee close to hand and if you’re lucky hot scones fresh from the oven. 

So who is Shirley Wine …

She’s a storyteller whose roots in the land run as deep as the blood in her veins. She tells tales of love, hardship and grief and often spiced with danger… she delves beneath the surface of New Zealand’s idyllic scenery and into the hearts and minds of the men and women who work the land … and what interesting and diverse characters they are. 

Human relationships, in all their diversity, are the grist to a storyteller’s heart and mind … and this is why you’ll often find Shirley in her rare idle moments people-watching in a café, or a parked car, or at the beach. She finds people an endlessly fascinating species.    

When Shirley isn’t writing, she is usually reading or working in her garden or having quality time with her family. 

You can find Shirley’s books on 

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Latest News   …  Romancing the Summer Box Set

I have joined with nine other best selling authors to bring you ten heartwarming feel-good summer reads, or warm winter hearts Downunder. 

My story One Summer Night is another installment in the popular Katherine Bay series.

Ten Days in Paradise © Annie Seaton
Second Chance Cafe © Susanne Bellamy
Matched on Maui © Kris Pearson
The Language of Wolf © Sofia Grey
Sweet Summer Nights © Anne Kemp
Ripe for the Picking © Ebony Jean
One Summer Night © Shirley Wine
Saving Tylor © Gudrun Frerichs
Lake of Dreams © Nicki Edwards
Stealing Home © Taylor Danae Colbert

This box set is exclusively available on Amazon for pre-order now for July  18th release.  


Latest Release: Old Secrets 

Book 9 in the Katherine Bay series is now available:

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A missing portrait … an abandoned mansion … an unexpected inheritance

For Elise, her dying grandmother’s request to return a portrait to Drumullen, half a world away from her home, is simple.

Arriving in Katherine Bay, she visits Drumullen and is confronted by a stranger with an uncanny likeness to the man who haunts her nightmares. She flees in terror—and suffers a near-fatal fall that leaves her in a coma. When she regains consciousness she has no memory, nothing except instinct to guide her.

The discovery she has inherited a half-share in Drumullen is both mystifying and frightening.

Ethan Galloway’s return home to Katherine Bay to bury his father is bittersweet.

His beloved Drumullen is derelict. When he discovers his father has bequeathed a half share of the family mansion to a stranger, a woman no-one has ever heard of, it is one betrayal too many.

While inspecting the ruins of his home, he surprises a woman. She flees in terror and falls headlong down a flight of stairs. To his horror, he realises she is the woman who now owns a half-share of his home.

When Elise regains consciousness and it’s clear she’s lost her memory, it’s up to Ethan to help her discover her connection to the Calloway family and her past.

As they work to solve the mystery, these two loners forge a strong bond and quickly grow close. Then in one horrifying moment, they unravel the family secret buried for close on a century—a secret that holds the power to destroy them both …



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