Writing Groups – A Valuable Resource

I attended a meeting of our local chapter of Romance Writers of New Zealand and it was sobering to realize that I am now a senior member of our local group and RWNZ too – not quite the oldest, but not far off – but you won’t hear me say that out loud. 

Our Coast to Coast branch [so named because our members stretch across the central North Island from Coast to Coast] meet monthly in different member’s homes spread throughout our geographical area – which is quite a distance to travel. 

And, despite being the oldest member present, I was proud to let the others know I have a new book being released on December 8th – Her Christmas Homecoming – book 3 in the Rainbow Cove Christmas Series.

And as usual, I came home invigorated. And this made me think about the benefits of belonging to such a group. 

  • Comradeship with likeminded people – the benefits of this can’t be overestimated.
  • The freedom to discuss writing matters related to our business and craft of writing within a safe environment.
  • To learn about the craft of writing from workshops – writers are generous people and I’ve always found them willing to share their expertise and knowledge.
  • It’s stimulating to hear of other writer’s journeys, their triumphs, and their failures. What worked for them and what didn’t.      
  • It’s a great place to network – to get recommendations and learn about the resources available.
  • It’s an affirmation that a writer is not necessarily a ‘crazy lady’,
  • Writing is a solitary occupation and the benefits of getting out of your study and socializing can never be over-emphasized.     

If there is one recommendation I can make to wannabe writers, other than sitting down at the computer and writing, it is to join a good, constructive writer’s group. The benefits are immense. 

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Published on Sunday, November 10th, 2019, under Latest News

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  1. Great post Shirley & I heartily agree. Thanks.

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