Caught By Her Spell … Available for pre-order

Caught By Her Spell      

Book four in the Katherine Bay series

Caught By Her Spell

Is now available for preorder …  

His sister is missing and he’ll do anything to find her even if the only person who can help him is the local psychic, a woman he doesn’t trust —
High powered attorney, Grayson Pritchard is the quintessential sceptic –anything he can’t see or touch doesn’t exist –but he will do anything to find his missing sister even if it means consulting a psychic.
Cassie Piper has the gift of sight–and it’s caused her enough grief for two lifetimes– When Grayson seeks her out and demands her help to find his missing sister, Cassie turns him away. He refuses to take no for an answer and leaves her photos. Against her will, she’s drawn into his search –with the photos come the visions, whether she wants them or not–and neither of them anticipate the unexpected connection they forge– 
Cassie is a woman with a secretive past and she knows this attraction has nowhere to go– she knows her secrets are some Grayson can never forgive –

If you like your heroes flawed and emotionally damaged and heroines who are prepared to sacrifice all for family, you will love this series. Follow three siblings and their friends as they struggle against small town prejudice in the search for that special someone who holds the power and enough love to heal their damaged hearts.


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