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Safe In A Stranger’s Arms 

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When a woman’s fight to save her family’s heritage turns dangerous, should she trust the property developer who steps in to help?

“Promise me, Jenna; promise you won’t sell the land.” Haunted by her mother’s dying words, Jenna Mullein’s attempts to discover the truth sets her on a collision course with danger. Too many people in Katherine Bay have vested interests in muddying the waters and soon her persistent questions leave her fearing for her life. When one woman ends up dead and Jenna is assaulted, Gabe Callahan, steps in to help.

Property developer, Gabe Callahan is scoping out land for an upmarket resort and intends to be in and out of Katherine Bay before locals are alerted, an intention that is thwarted when he’s drawn into the troubles of a single mother–and finds it impossible to walk away. In the face of danger, festering secrets and small town prejudice, fate dangles the cherished dream of home and family in front of Gabe, but he worries–will Jenna still love and respect him when she learns the dark secrets he’s hiding.

If you like your heroes flawed and emotionally damaged and heroines who are prepared to sacrifice all for family, you will love this series. Follow three siblings and their friends as they struggle against small town prejudice in the search for that special someone who holds the power and enough love to heal their damaged hearts.

If you like your romance spiced with mystery, danger and intrigue, you’ll find it here in Katherine Bay. Welcome to the small idyllic town, where nothing is quite what it seems, where dangerous secrets lie hidden and it can be dangerous to your health to take anyone at face value.


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