Spring has sprung

Spring is finally making it’s presence felt in the Southern Hemisphere … as the song says it’s busting out all over.

I have had a busy winter writing and I’m excited to announce the great news that I’ve sold two books in the series Prodigal Sons to Escape Publishing … with an option on the third one which is with them at the moment.

The final edits on book one: Tell Me No Lies  have just gone back to the editor. I have no release dates yet …. as the saying goes, watch this space

Book two: Ask Me No Questions … I am expecting the edits to arrive any day.

Book three in the series Give Me Some Answers is with the acquiring editor at this time.

On the home front, my husband still has continuing problems with his heart. This last week he was micro-chipped much to the hilarity of his family… a small recording device put into his chest to record what his heart is actually doing … apart from beating that is…and to see if they can find out why he’s having these deep fainting attacks.

Medical science is wonderful, he has this amazing gadget by his bed that records his heart movements and transmits them to the hospital cardiologists every night.

As his irreverent children (and his wife) tell him, it’s the same electronic surveillance they use for Home Detention, minus the curfew. The big problem is that he’s not allowed to drive and that makes my life a little difficult.


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Published on Tuesday, October 13th, 2015, under Latest News

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