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The new year is gathering momentum with two months

of it already slipped past. It seems to me that as we get older the faster the days roll by. Do you remember when you were a child and the long agonising wait until Christmas or a special holiday…and it seemed like it would never arrive? Where did all that anticipation disappear to? Ah one of life’s mysteries.

For me, it seems as if the past eventful year has sapped a lot of my energy and I’m just getting my second wind again. 2014 was filled with several major life crises …

I had a broken arm.

In June my eldest sister lost her husband, a wrenching loss as he had been part of my life since I was eight years old. This sort of loss leaves a hole that no-one else can fill, and I still miss him as they were my most constant visitors over the years.

Then in July, our son-in-law needed open heart surgery.

And he had just recovered when in October, my husband had a cardiac arrest and also needed open heart surgery and had his operation in November. He had a setback and needed to be airlifted to hospital just prior to Christmas. Both men have recovered well, son-in-law is back at work and DH now has a new lease on life and he’s able to drive again. Yay!!!

So it was a very stressful year for our family, but we have all survived and life continues on.

And needless to say writing took a little bit of a back seat…but I am busy beavering away at the third book in the series Prodigal Sons … provisionally titled  Buchanan’s Daughter … but that may change. Titles often do change.

I am also working on a fourth book in the Katherine Bay series … provisionally titled  Only You. So many readers have asked me for Cassie & Grayson’s story … well this is it and it’s taking shape. Cassie is a clairvoyant and life has not treated her kindly … so she well deserves her happy ever after.

So it’s good to have goals to work towards. Makes life so interesting.

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Published on Tuesday, February 24th, 2015, under Latest News

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