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As an indie author it’s up to me to promote my own books.
This is the norm now as most traditional publishers expect their authors to promote books they accept for publication. So what are the options for Indie Authors?

  • Social media… but too much and it’s a sure fire way to lose friends
  • Newsletters … these can be a powerful tool to acquaint readers with new releases  …
  • First you need readers to subscribe to a newsletter;
  • You must have interesting content often enough that they stay signed up.
  • Book bloggers and blog tours sound great but are often just a cover, book blurb, and bio – and readers get this through Goodreads or Amazon.
  • e-zines and review sites will happily feature your books at a substantial cost.
  • Free books or bargain books sites. If you’re willing to drastically reduce the price of your books, they’re well worth trying. Many don’t cost an author anything except time because the sites are Amazon Associates who get a small cut that way. But time is very precious when you’re uploading details to site after site and would rather be writing. An alternative is to use a service to do the uploading – for a fee.
  • You can pay to be listed in a subscription newsletter with a reputation for proven results …  On sites like Book Bub … where you offer a book for 99 cents … and as an author only receives one third of this amount … you have to sell a LOT of books to break even.
  • Or an Indie Author can work in with other authors and create an exclusive deal that’s advantageous for everyone.
  • This is what a group of us have done with the iBook stores – produced a boxed set of seven novels for 99 cents. That’s fourteen cents per book.
  • exclusive to iBookstore 
  • for the month of July only   Price: $0.99cents
the-beautiful-villaMy contribution to the omnibus of 7 novels  is
Return To Totara Park
 Here is a pic of what I imagine that homestead on the huge grazing property looks like… my ideal dream home …


What would you be prepared to sacrifice to protect your child?

This was the dilemma Winsome Grainger faced … protect her unborn child or stay with Jared, the husband she adored … For better or worse Winsome sacrificed her marriage …  After her father-in-law’s death she had to return to Totara Park or watch Jared lose the land that is his heritage …. She returns but the secrets she took with her  now threaten any chance of finding happiness  – the second time around.

These secrets not only threaten her marriage and her love for Jared, they also threaten her precious daughter’s life, and her own … because Winsome discovers she’s a mere pawn in a dark and deadly game. A game whose rules she doesn’t know…

  • This story is close to my heart …
  • as Jared and Winsome work the land to return Totara Park to prosperity, I have literally walked in their gumboots, Wellingtons or rubber boots depending on which country you call home.
  • With my husband we’ve fed out hay to cattle, shifted electric fences and break fed autumn saved pasture … rain, hail or shine …
  • Roasted in the summer sun and frozen our buns off in the winter …
  • This was my life and livelihood for so many years as we worked the land… a way of life I loved and now that I live in town, I still sorely miss.
  • And we too, have our precious twin sons buried at Hautapu Cemetery … and like Winsome; survived this mind-numbing grief to live a happy, satisfying life…
  • rs_2801_2442424_050813090456_5285In our case life followed fiction not the other way around, I wrote this story years before our boys died.
  • Farmland in the Waikato’s rich hinterland …


Here’s an excerpt


“I never ran away.” Her chin lifted as she was forced to say the words. “I left, sure. But I never ran away.”

Her words sat in the pulsing silence.

“Explain the difference, Winsome.” Jared leaned closer and she felt the warmth of his breath on her chilled skin. “Explain the nuance of meaning that differentiates running away from leaving? For the life of me I can’t see it.”

Put like that, there was no difference.

She nibbled on her lower lip struggling for words to explain the inexplicable. She took a deep breath and caught his scent, heady, familiar and totally intoxicating. Her heart rate picked up and her breath quickened as a traitorous desire scorched through every cell of her body.

Oh hell, she did not need this.

“What’s the matter?” Jared’s eyes held a predatory gleam as he stood up and leaned across to take the mug perilously close to spilling, from her weak grasp.

Hurriedly, she stood and took a step backwards, her hands lifted and then fluttered downwards in a helpless movement as colour bloomed in her cheeks. Nervous of him and the gleam in his eye, her tongue darted out wetting parched lips.

Jared came closer, lifting a hand and trailing calloused fingers down one hot burning cheek. The gesture as gentle as it was intimate.

“Don’t, Jared,” she pleaded.

He chuckled, a wicked, knowing sound that scraped nerve ends raw.

“Don’t what?” He asked, his sensuous whisper wrapping her fraught emotions in silken bonds. “Don’t take you to my bed and sate a hunger that’s been five years in the growing?”

Her mouth dry, Winsome stared at him and whispered, “I’m not ready for this.”

“Aren’t you?” He leaned closer, whispering, “Not ready for what Winsome, the feel of my skin against yours? The solace and peace from the torment of sleeping alone for five damnably long and lonely years?”



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