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    Susanne Bellamy  is a tough act to follow. Her post was wonderful.

While I’ve never gone fishing for lobsters as a child me and my siblings spent hours fishing in out local creek for fresh water crays …



These little critters are cunning and crafty and it took a lot of skill to catch them barehanded…their nippers were equally as capable of inflicting injury as any lobster… The Maori people call them kura…we called them fresh water crays,

Here is a pic of one on rocks … we used our bare hands to catch them and cooked them in the kettle. On one memorable occasion we forgot to empty the kettle after we’d cooked them and my mum made tea with the water … a mistake we made sure we never repeated!


Susanne nominated me as one of her recipients. My obligation in accepting this award is to display my award badge, link back to the person who gave it to me, Susanne Bellamy  and complete the following questions:

1. Have you ever written a book involving sea scenes? (That is sea. Do please make sure there are no typos here).  If not why not and do you intend to?

In New Zealand at any given point in our landmass were are no more than two hours from the sea so it’s not surprising that we are a nation of sailors . Personally, I feel deprived if I don’t walk along the beach at least once a week .

Some of my stories feature the sea. The trilogy The Mulleins of Katherine Bay is set on the Coromandel Peninsular with the wonderful beaches of the area as a backdrop.  Seven for a Secret is set in Tauranga and Slade Haultain demonstrates his love of the sea…and my latest release Kayla’s Christmas is set in the sea-side town of Akaroa.

2. What is your current WIP? Funny you should ask. My newest story The Return … a sequel to Lovers’ Lies is set in Cambridge in the central Waikato—no sea but the beautiful Waikato River and Lake Karapiro form a stunning watery backdrop.

3. Do you have a favorite sea film? And why? Moby Dick—I loved that one and Nicholas Spark’s Message in a Bottle.

4. A favourite fish recipe to share? No recipes… I like my fish au naturelle …pan fried flounder … mussels steamed in their own juice… although collecting mussels sees me writing this post with my arm in a plaster cast after a fall and two broken bones in my wrist… I know better than to crawl around rocks in sandals.

5. Your favourite sea going book? Mutiny on The Bounty … what can I say … I have pirate’s blood in me.
6. Can you share a fav sea-side memory? Not exactly a favourite … as a child I was far too close for comfort to becoming a drowning statistic at a Sunday School beach picnic… if I close my eyes I can feel the grit of wet sand against my bare chest, the rasp of salt water in my lungs and fear like you would never believe …  consequently it has taken me a lifetime to overcome my fear of water… I love the sea … as long as my feet are firmly on the sand.
7. Most memorable sea-going journey? Crossing Cook Strait on the Interislander on a stormy day and that treacherous strip of water lived up to it’s fearsome reputation. I was horribly sea-sick and I was sure the ferry was going to end up as another Wahine Disaster… I did not want to figure in a news story about another maritime disaster… but the return journey was a dream trip … dead flat seas, warm weather, blue skies and great company.

And finally, I have to, in turn, bestow the Jolly Lobster award on up some other unsuspecting people.

Jen Yates

Jen McLoud

Jane Beckenham

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Published on Thursday, April 17th, 2014, under Latest News

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  1. Susanne Bellamy says:

    I fell in love with the Coromandel area through reading your books, Shirley, and hope to visit one day and see for myself.

    I remember my crossing on the Interislander ferry too; stormy and lots of people seasick but I sat outside in a sheltered spot and was fine. Don’t know about pirates but my dad was a sailor. 🙂

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