karaka 001It’s strange where research leads a writer…

Work on my new series Prodigal Sons means that I need to know more about horses … karaka 007race horses and trainers in particular…so where better gain hands on experience than to visit one of the world’s leading sales venues Karaka. 

Today, Auckland Anniversary, saw me sitting in the sales pavilion of the multi-million dollar sales complex at Karaka in South Auckland.

When I was a school girl this area was all dairy farms … how times have changed.

Logan Sinclair in The Return runs a stable breeding gallopers and stayers…he will be bringing his yearling colts and mares to the sales at Karaka … so where else would I need to be?

The Karaka sales complex is set in acres of manicured gardens and parks and is such a beautiful venue on a glorious summer’s day.

I could easily visualise Logan proudly leading his bloodstock into the sales pavilion… the yearling dancing and prancing…the buzz from the spectators … the awed hush when bidding reaches a million dollars ….

Ah yes research is such hard work… but I had one moment of panic … as I pointed out an interesting item to my husband and the auctioneer called a bid for $40,000 dollars …. holy c***p … did I just buy a racehorse?   ….big relief … another buyer topped the bid … thereafter I sat on my hands!   Resaerch or no research … I did not want to own a thoroughbred

The first book in the series Prodigal Sons …  shirley_wine-Keir 72dpi-1500x2000

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Published on Monday, January 27th, 2014, under Latest News

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