The End

Kayla's Xmas VIIIt’s such a satisfying sensation to type these two words.

At long last after several hiccups and blind paths where I had to backtrack,  I’ve finally managed to type these two magic words on my Christmas themed romance  Kayla’s Christmas.


It’s really weird.

This book started out as a light-hearted romp and before I knew it there were serious undertones.

Jamie Barron hid a wealth of hurt and heart break behind his ready laugh.  Kayla Anders, hurting and completely alone in the world, is robbed blind by her ex fiancé, her career in ruins, flees to the mountains to nurse her wounds and regroup.

What they each find is a magnetic attraction, a scheming ex-wife and a whole host of heavy personal baggage.

Set in Akaroa, that delightful South Island town with such a unique history. Akaroa is one of my favourite places and is about the only place that would tempt me to move South Island.


One final read through to catch any errors, and then Kayla’s Christmas  is off to the formatters . It will be available on a sales platform near you.


Add it to your Christmas wish list… Sales links will be posted soon.


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Published on Friday, November 29th, 2013, under Latest News

2 Responses to “The End”

  1. Gaylene Atkins says:

    Well done, Shirley!
    Woohoo! And big high fives.

    Love and blessings to you and yours
    For Christmas and 2014

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