A New Novel Emerges …. the sequel to Lovers’ Lies

When I finished Lovers’ Lies …. Logan Sinclair had walked away from the  Darkhaven Racing Stud, leaving everyone mystified as to why he disappeared.

Now Logan has returned to Cambridge, older,  wiser and with  far more baggage than the duffle bag he’d slung over one shoulder when he walked away…

As he returns to take up his position as manager of Darkhaven and he discovers there is one heck of a lot of truth in the old adage…..you can never return home.

Why did he leave… and why has he returned … these are the questions that are teasing my mind as I delve into the past for answers. To keep all the readers happy who have asked for Logan’s Story…. Here’s a little excerpt.. where Logan meets up with a woman he left behind… 


She stared at him, shaking her head, torn between anger and pity. “What did you imagine, Logan? That everyone would welcome you back as if you’d just returned from a weekend away?”

The ruddy colour ebbed from beneath his tan.

“On Saturday we’re burying Caine Donovan.” Scorn edged the accusation. “Caine was a fine man who died grieving for you. He did nothing to deserve you turning your back on him. He was your father—”


 “Whatever! How did you repay his love and care? By disappearing for more than ten years without a word?” 

“Is that any of your business?”

She caught the unmistakable edge of anger in his voice. “Ten freaking years, Logan.”

“Have you been counting?”

“In your dreams, Sinclair. What I think, is that you’re a user. You take everything and give nothing.” With a disdainful sniff, she gripped Sam’s hand, turned her back on him and walked into the supermarket.

 Logan stood on the footpath as if turned to stone, Piper’s words ringing in his ears as he stared after her ram-rod straight back. That glorious mane of copper hair glinted in the autumn sunshine as she disappeared through the automatic doors, clutching the little boy’s hand.  In the dark recesses of his mind, Juan Rodriguez’s parting words echoed hollowly…

You broke my Sanchia’s heart; you killed her will to live. You take, Sinclair—and you destroy.  His father-in-law then spat on the floor at Logan’s feet, before he turned and walked away.

Logan had heard it said often enough, it’s impossible to return home. Now that it was far too late, he began to think he’d compounded his mistakes by returning to Cambridge.

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    This sounds really good, Shirley!

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