Valentine’s Day

Valentine _nWhat is the best way to say…

I love you.

 Valentine’s Day can put a lot of pressure on couples.  Is there a perfect way to say those three simple words that mean so much. 

Is the generic “I love you” along with a bunch of flowers enough?  Or should lovers prepare a deep meaningful speech before a big kiss?

For me Valentine’s Day is always heralded with a beautifully set breakfast tray complete with some fresh-cut garden flowers….  usually a rose  (and I suspect one rose has already been singled out for tomorrow’s breakfast)

For me it’s the personal attention that says loud and clear, I love you and you are the love of my life.  And how do I reciprocate?  By showing my appreciation of his thoughtfulness…. baking him something special….my DH has a very soft spot for scones. 

Valentine’s Day is one of those special days in our house that we can say to each other, for no particular reason, that I  love you and I appreciate you.  

And it seems I’m not alone.  A recent survey done by a Texas firm  found that…

 “Personal and present tense rose to the top versus sayings like ‘You were the love of my life.’” Both sexes agreed that “I think that I love you” is the worst way to express your love, so make sure you know before you convey your love…”

I am quite, quite sure if my DH brought me a breakfast tray and said “I think I love you”….said breakfast tray could easily become a weapon. 

Photo: ‘women we love’.

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Published on Wednesday, February 13th, 2013, under Latest News

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