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I am featured today on Author, Susanne  SusanneBellamy’s Blog.

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Promotion is one area that self-published authors have to learn to negotiate. And promotion is more than blanket coverage of all your Facebook Groups or blanket emailing of spam messages.

Effective promotion is all about forming relationships with readers, telling them about yourself, your writing processes…all the things you do to nuture a face to face friendship you need to translate into forming cyber friendships.

An author wants to nuture these friendships by creating interesting places for your cyber- friends to visit. In this instant world it is just as easy to click away from a post as it is to stay and read the posted content. This is something we need to remember.

And “word of mouth” is still the best advertising…and if an author can create posts that go viral…so much the better…viral for cyber friendships is the golden aim 


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Published on Sunday, February 17th, 2013, under Latest News

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