A Title is a Title is a Title

Finding just the right title…

Next to the right cover, finding just the right title for a book is the hardest thing an author had to do.

Ideally you want a title that will first spark a reader’s interest to pick up a book and yet you don’t want it to mislead. There is nothing worse than picking up a book and finding the title bears no resemblance to the contents.

Imagine picking up a book with a glossy cover of a fabulous looking cake and an alluring title and you immediately think….I want to make that cake… and you flip it open and discover the book is about an obscure Tibetan Monastery.

While this a little extreme it illustrates the need for authors to choose titles with care.

How do I choose a title…. sometimes a title will just come to me  at other times finding the right title can be a real  chore.

When this happens I’ve found it helpful to make a list of twenty words or phrases that I think best describe my book and juggle these around until I have several workable options.

It never ceases to suprise me how well this works. And how often I can come up with something that really works.

After I’d made a list I narrowed it down to three possible titles

To Protect Or To Love 
Mine To Protect   
The Farmer Takes A  Wife   

I put these through the Lulu title scorer   http://lulu.com/titlescorer/index.php  which is a great little tool.

My Editor really likes option three.

The Farmer Takes A Wife 

As the story is a a marriage of convenience that turns out to be very inconvenient and a tad more dangerous than Heath Mullein ever thought when he accepted Sarah’s proposal….

So it fits… or does it? Still trying to decide.



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Published on Thursday, February 7th, 2013, under Latest News

2 Responses to “A Title is a Title is a Title”

  1. J.T.Webster says:

    I like your tip for choosing a title. I always struggle with titles, but as you say, they are so important.

    • Shirley Wine says:

      I read this advice in an article on the importance of choosing web spiders for search engines.

      And I thought hey this could work for titles.

      It has assumed importance because the editor I’m working with thinks the title Sarah’s Baby is wrong for my current WIP.

      So I put the idea to the test and was impressed.

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