Another Year

Something about beginning a new year makes one re-assess one’s goals.

I’ve never been one for making New Year’s Resolutions. Life is far too short to waste on meaningless rituals and for many folk this is exactly what NYR are.

I prefer to quietly set myself a goal, and this is the important part, an acheivable goal, and work towards it.

Last year I decided all the books languishing in my electronic drawer would see the light of day….and they did. During the year I edited and self-published seven books.

My goals this year are not so lofty….but I want to finish 3 half-written books. 

Sarah’s Baby is currently sitting at 40,000 words…. This is the third book in the series The Mulleins of Katherine Bay.

Logan’s story….as yet untitled….is sitting at 20,000 words and The Devil’s Kiss is at 15,000 words.

Logan is Keir Donovan’s brother in Lovers’ Lies… At the end of Lovers’ Lies, Logan walked away from home and family…. he returns to Cambridge to run Darkhaven after Caine Donovan’s death.    

The heroine in The Devil’s Kiss has been fairly consistently bugging me ever since I wrote Ashlyn’s Bodyguard…. Ashlyn’s snooty sister has been taken down a peg or three.

Acheivable? Very.



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Published on Thursday, January 3rd, 2013, under Latest News

2 Responses to “Another Year”

  1. J.T.Webster says:

    All the best with your goals! I haven’t made any yet – with kids and teacher hubby home it doesn’t feel like the beginning of the year until they all go back to school! Plenty of time to work on creating my goals.

    • shirley says:

      Thanks Sue,

      I’ve just been researching the Queen’s Chain…it’s amazing what google pulls up when you need it. Visitors have taken children to the beach so have a chance to do some writing today so first goal, Sarah’s Baby is progressing nicely.

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