The New Week Brings suprises in my WIP

This week has been full of challenges.

My new WIP (work in progress) touches on the subject of domestic violence.

And this has come as a complete surprise….although why should it?  It’s been a subliminal thread running through the whole of my Katherine Bay series.

Jenna battled one aspect of it in Shadow Dance as she struggled to discover the truth behind her mother’s dying words ….Promise me, Jenna. Promise you won’t sell him the land.

Jace had to come to terms with it in Ashlyn’s Bodyguard ….   

“What happened between you and your siblings?”

His grip on her hands tightened to the point of pain. She gasped and he released the pressure, his glance rueful. Jace was silent so long she thought he wasn’t going to answer.

When he looked up, she winced at the raw pain reflected in his eyes.

“It’s old history. I wanted to leave Katherine Bay. They were set on staying. So I engineered the situation to my advantage. But it has nothing to do with us now.”

“Hasn’t it?”

A harsh sigh escaped him but he didn’t  evade her question. “Only inasmuch as I now know how important it is to protect vulnerable women from creeps like Santos.”

“Surely you’ve always protected your family?” His swift, unequivocal actions made this claim difficult to believe. Would Jace put anyone he cared about at risk?

“Not always,” he admitted. “But I’ve learned from past mistakes. I will do whatever it takes to keep you safe.”

 Now writing Heath’s story….The Mullein brothers are laying the ghosts of their past…  And I have been researching Women’s Refuge in New Zealand. How they are run and how they help women escape domestic violence and rebuild their lives. Survivor’s accounts have moved me to tears. 

And I give heartfelt thanks that this is something that had never come my way. 



Published on Sunday, October 7th, 2012, under Latest News

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