Lovers’ Lies will feature on blurbs in bloom

My book  Lovers’ Lies will go live at Blurbs in Bloom on
Sunday, October 28, 2012 after 1215A CST.  Which for those of us who live down under translates into after middayish on Monday 29th.
The link will be
So please feel free to pop over and leave a comment.
The other exciting thing to happen this week is Seven For a Secret is at present being published on Kobo and should be available for sale on their site within 72 hours. 
Seven For A Secret  and Shadow Dance are pending inclusion into Smashwords Premium Catalogue.  This is the catalogue that Smashwords distribute to all other retailers including Apple iTunes, Sony and Diesel. And soon my books will be available on the All Romance eBooks site.
My friend and colleague Kris Pearson has one of her books on the top 20 list at Apple iTunes. So utilising these other sales platforms does pay dividends for an author.
I haven’t done a lot of writing this week, instead have been wearing my promotional cap.  Sales are steadily creeping upwards, each month better than the previous ones. It is a hard slog for an Independant author to create a platform and get your name out there so readers can find you. To this end I’ve been looking at some strategic advertising on readers sites. because I figure it pays to advertise on the site readers frequent and having books available on different platforms.
In my browsing in the past week I came across this interesting statistic.
In 2009 eBooks were 1% of the book market.  In 2012 eBook had a 30% market share of the book market.
I know since I’ve owned an ereader I haven’t bought a physical book. And I guess there are other voracious readers out there who have done like wise.

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