Branching Out – My books will soon be available on all e-readers

So far I’ve only published books on Amazon but now I feel confident enough to start branching out.

This week Shadow Dance has gone live on Smashwords and here is the link.

And this is good news for all those readers who have e-readers other than Kindle.  Smashwords distributes to all e-reading platforms. They have very stringent formatting requirements and I’ve had to send my books to America to have them formatted. But with email this is not a major issue.

As my books come off KDP (Amazon’s exclusive programme) I am having them formatted to go up on smashwords.

Yesterday’s Sins and Return To Totara Park will be up on Smashwords in two weeks 2/11/12.

My latest release Seven For A Secret is being released simultaneously on Amazon and Smashwords so it will be available on all e-reading platforms on release.  




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Published on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012, under Latest News

4 Responses to “Branching Out – My books will soon be available on all e-readers”

  1. J.T.Webster says:

    Yay! Now I can read them on my Kobo.

  2. shirley says:

    It was your comments that have spurred me to explore other avenues. But for a novice Amazon is fail safe.

    • J.T.Webster says:

      Thanks Shirley.
      I hadn’t realised Smashwords was more complicated. In my head I thought it would be the other way around! I’m still not ready to take the plunge. No doubt it will all become clearer when I do.

  3. shirley says:


    I have just spent a frustrating afternoon and well into the night but I have uploaded the first of my books Shadow Dance on KOBO. I had issues with the cover as it was too big… and then when I got that sorted discovered the epub file on inside cover was showing two images one horribly blurred over the other…so decided to upload a mobi file but when I downloaded that to check it was blank with no cover at all!
    So in the end compromised and the inside cover is the naughty one of them in the shower… but hey it sold well on Amazon with that cover.
    So give it 72hrs and it will be available on KOBO

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