Ten Things I love About Writing.

I got to thinking about  this a couple of weeks ago. What is it about writing that keeps me at my keyboard? I’m not a great lover of lists but I’ll give it a go.

  • Words….I love words. and when I come across a new one its treasure. I’ve worn out one dictionary an Oxford Illustrated and have a well thumbed second one.
  • The cadence of the written word…the sound of words. Any parent who’s read to a child knows that books that sound great become favourites. Beatrix Potter and Dr Seuss are proof of this.
  • The visual effect of words on a page…its so structural…white paper with squiggly lines people can read and enjoy.
  • Writing give expression to the voices in my head. Not so sure what it says about my mental health  when I not only talk to the imaginary people I write down their conversations!
  • One great pleasure is watching a character grow and mature. I’m always surprised how characters develop quirks and foibles and how often a throwaway line will shape a character.
  •   Writing feeds my curiosity…my mother said it was a failing….but what ifs…are the spice of life.
  • Writing lets me indulge in people watching. People fascinate me. I love sitting in a side walk cafe watching people…coffee optional.   
  • Writing feeds my imagination…fleshing out snatches of overheard conversations…some overheard gems are priceless…it’s great fun to continue such conversations through your characters.
  • Writing gives me licence as an armchair psychologist, put characters through hoops, drop them in untenable situations and indulge my dark side.     
  • Last but not least writing give me immense satisfaction. Writing The End knowing you’ve created something  readers will either love or hate. 
Now I need to know what excites readers… please leave a comment 

Published on Friday, September 23rd, 2011, under Writing Ten things lists

2 Responses to “Ten Things I love About Writing.”

  1. Amy Talbot says:

    Great post, Shirley. I write because it gives me a voice, and because it's in my blood.

  2. Shirley Wine says:

    Ah Amy I never mentioned the compulsion…a compulsion that grows every day. A day away from my characters and I suffer very bad withdrawal symptoms.

    And the voice it's a great way of letting off steam. Someone's bugging you….write them into a character in your book.

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