Hello and welcome …

Pull up a seat, or as we say in New Zealand … take a pew … you could be here visiting for a while. The kettle’s on and there’s always a fresh coffee close to hand and if you’re lucky hot scones fresh from the oven. 

So who is Shirley Wine …

She’s a storyteller whose roots in the land run as deep as the blood in her veins. She tells tales of love, hardship and grief and often spiced with danger… she delves beneath the surface of New Zealand’s idyllic scenery and into the hearts and minds of the men and women who work the land … and what interesting and diverse characters they are. 

Human relationships, in all their diversity, are the grist to a storyteller’s heart and mind … and this is why you’ll often find Shirley in her rare idle moments people watching in a cafĂ©, or a parked car, or at the beach. Shirley finds people an endlessly fascinating species.    

When Shirley isn’t writing, she is usually reading or working in her garden. 

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It’s honestly that simple.


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