Hello and welcome …

Pull up a seat, or as we say in New Zealand … take a pew … you could be here visiting for a while. The kettle’s on and there’s always a fresh coffee close to hand and if you’re lucky hot scones fresh from the oven. 

So who is Shirley Wine …

She’s a storyteller whose roots in the land run as deep as the blood in her veins. She tells tales of love, hardship and grief and often spiced with danger… she delves beneath the surface of New Zealand’s idyllic scenery and into the hearts and minds of the men and women who work the land … and what interesting and diverse characters they are. 

Human relationships, in all their diversity, are the grist to a storyteller’s heart and mind … and this is why you’ll often find Shirley in her rare idle moments people-watching in a café, or a parked car, or at the beach. She finds people an endlessly fascinating species.    

When Shirley isn’t writing, she is usually reading or working in her garden or having quality time with her family. 

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Latest News   …  

Autumn Shadows-pre-order now

Book Two – Deep South Romance Series is available for Pre-order.

Publication date November 20th, 2021 


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One night of blistering passion … six years of total silence …

The last person Gemma Halliday expects to arrive on her doorstep in the middle of a family crisis is Ben Mc Glade, the SAS soldier with whom she shared one stolen night of passion.

Honouring a promise he made to Gemma’s brother, a fellow SAS soldier, to watch out for his sister in his absence, Ben bears news of a threat against her and her child.

Determined to protect the woman he can’t forget, Ben vows to keep her and her infant son safe despite the memories of their night together that simmer beneath the surface. Giving way to these emotions is a sure way to endanger all their lives, a risk he dare not take.

While the threat to her and her infant son is real and horrifying, Gemma worries about protecting her vulnerable heart from Ben McGlade?


Latest Release: One Summer Night

Book 9 In the Katherine Bay series is now available


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Catfished and scammed by an Internet con-man, Evie Hansen is wary of trusting the handsome stranger she meets in a pub.

It’s high summer, Katherine Bay is swarming with holidaymakers, and Evie, left high and dry by her internet lover, literally has nowhere to bed down for the night.

Cynical and world-weary, Magnus Haultain does not believe in love at first sight, but he’s irresistibly drawn to the beautiful stranger drowning her sorrows in Murphy’s Irish Pub.

As a cyber detective, when Magnus learns Evie’s been left in the lurch by an internet lover; he suspects she’s the subject of a sophisticated scam.

Although reluctant, Evie accepts his offer of a bed for the night. Magnus’s suspicions prove to be right, and his timely intervention prevents Evie from being bilked out of her inheritance from her father.

When Magnus suggests she moves in with him, she refuses. After years spent caring for her invalid father, Evie is determined to strike out on her own and create a new life for herself.
She’s nowhere near ready to give up her hard-earned freedom.

Magnus, tumbling head-over-ears in love, is not about let Evie walk away without a fight.

Is there any future them…




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